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Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O)

Chedoke Hospital,
Holbrook Building
Sanatorium Road
Hamilton, Ontario   L9C 1C4
Phone: (905) 521-2100
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 4:30

Additional Contact Information

A physician's referral should be mailed, faxed or sent with the patient stating the primary reason for the referral and any relevant diagnoses.

Service Director(s):
Clinical Manager:
Chuck McRae

Patients Served

  • Amputees of all levels of amputation
  • Any individual that might benefit from the use of an orthosis/orthoses. For example, braces and/or foot supports.
  • Any individual requiring a custom seating insert for proper positioning, support or pressure management in his or her wheelchair.

Services Provided
P&O provides assessment, design, fabrication, fitting and follow-up of custom prostheses and orthoses including:

  • Artificial limbs for all levels of amputation
  • Braces and foot supports
  • Custom helmets
  • Wheelchair seating inserts for proper support and pressure distribution

The P&O Team
The P&O team consists of:

  • Seven certified orthotists
  • Six certified prosthetists
  • One certifies prosthetist and orthotist
  • 10 technicians

Your first visit to P&O

First visits usually involve an assessment only in the prosthetics clinic where the individual will be seen by a team of health care providers that may include a: physiatrist, certified prosthetist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse or social worker.

If a patient has been referred to the orthotics clinic they will be seen by a physiatrist, an orthotist and possibly a physiotherapist. If a patient has been referred directly to the department they will be seen by a certified orthotist. Assessments will be done in the first appointment, possibly including a casting or measuring for a device.

A first visit may involve an assessment only in the seating clinic by a therapist and seating clinician. If the referral is from an outside clinic the patient will be seen by a seating clinician and technician and measurements will likely be taken.

All patients should bring any written referrals that they may have and any information that they have on their eligibility for coverage by funding agencies. E.g. WSIB or insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Does the government or my insurance pay for this service?
A  It depends on the device. A very specific device can be given that the government will not pay for but it is difficult to describe the funding possibilities beyond that. There is no charge for an assessment, at this time.

Q. How long will it be before I receive my device?
A. This depends on the type of device, funding and other issues. Some guidelines can be given, for example, orthotics take approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery but other than that every situation is different, primarily due to funding issues.

Q. How long will the appointment take?
A. It depends on the service. Generally the appointment is 1-2 hours but clinics can take 2-3.

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