Hamilton Health Sciences
2018 ABI Conference


25th Annual Conference on Neurobehavioural
Rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury

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MAY 2-4, 2018

Hamilton Convention Centre

Hamilton, Ontario 

The Evolving Landscape

of Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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Dr. Kevin Jones

Conference Handouts

May 2 Evidence Based Management of Concussions

Diagnosing and Treating Physical Symptoms following Concussion
Dr. Shawn Marshall

Assessment and Management of Cognitive, Mental Health and Emotional Sequelae following Concussion
Dr. Dianna Velikonja Ph.D

Initial Diagnosis and treatment  of Concussion in Children
Dr. Eric Koelink

Management and Prognosis of Persistent Symptoms of Concussion in Children
Dr. Laura Purcell

The Role of the Specialist and Specialty Clinics in Concussion
Neurological Management- Dr. Michel Rathbone
Headache Management- Dr. Rose Giammarco
Dizziness and Vertigo- Dr. Jason Archibald
Vision- Dr. Lulu Bursztyn

Navigating Patients through the Concussion Landscape: A Collaborative Approach
Buck slips Evaluation
Dr. Jennifer Thompson
Theresa Gambale
Kate Macnamara
Danielle Perkin

May 3-4 The Evolving Landscape of Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Plenary Speakers

Building Community through Social Capital
Al Condeluci

Bringing a CPG into practice: Spotlight on implementation projects across the province
Judy Gargaro, John Zsofcsin, Kelly Anstey, Carol Di Salle

Traumatic Brain Injury: Why We Need to Consider Sex and Gender in Research and Practice
Angela Colantonio

The Evolving Landscapes of Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Alison Madden

Managing Mental Health and Acquired Brain Injury In the Community
Dr. Chanth Seyone

Rural Values in Community Care
Alison Madden

Exploring the Challenges of Working in Remote areas with individuals with the Effects of Acquired Brain Injury
Alice Bellevance

Full Circle: My Recovery From a Traumatic Brain Injury
Jay Dukeshire

The Neuroplasticity of the Community
Fabio DoCouto, Lisa Philips-Borges, Anna Cook

Concurrent Sessions

Innovation in Recognizing Diagnosing and Treating ABI
David MacDonald

Brief History of Marijuana in Canada 
Troy Lehman

Going out on a Leaf - Clinical Considerations 
Deborah Tang, Amy Matuszczak

Managing Persistent Symptoms After Concussion:  The Parkwood Institute Experience
Shannon McGuire

Destructive Interference: Understanding the Role of Pre-Existing PTSD as a Factor in the Diagnosis and Treatment of TBI
Stacy Stevens, Craig Brown, Sarah Baker, Sherrie Biemans-Copeland

Easing the Strain of Pain on the Brain
Bronwen Moore

Successful Transition: Finding a Pathway to a New Community Home for ABI Individuals with Complex Needs 
Parry Scott, Jamie Mashford



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