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Getting Started

Step One:  Hearing  Assessment (Test)

The hearing assessment, or test, will provide the audiologist with information about how your ears are working.  This test will help the audiologist decide if you need a hearing aid, a listening tool or some other communication methods to help you with your hearing.  The hearing test involves listening to soft sounds and does not cause you any pain.  You will receive the results for your hearing test at the end of the appointment. You do not have to pay for the hearing test. It is paid for by OHIP.

Step Two:  Hearing Aid Evaluation

If you have a hearing loss that can be helped by the use of hearing aids you can arrange for a hearing aid evaluation. The audiologist will meet with you to discuss your personal needs and goals and make suggestions about ways to improve your hearing ability in different settings.  This may include:

  • information about hearing aids, types of technology, styles, and other options
  • information about assistive listening devices or tools (for televisions and/or telephones)
  • the cost of the hearing aids including  payment choices (including help from the government)

If you wish to purchase your hearing aids through our dispensary, we can order your hearing aids for you.  At the time of ordering we will need a non-refundable deposit for the hearing aids.   
They will be ready for pick up in 7-10 days.

Step Three: Hearing Aid Fitting

The hearing aid fitting includes two parts: 

  • testing of your new hearing aids to make sure they fit well and are providing the right sound quality
  • an introduction to the care and use of the hearing aids 

The balance of the hearing aid cost is due at this time and any necessary paperwork will be signed.  You will be provided with the paperwork that can be submitted to your insurance company or for your income taxes, as hearing aids may be claimed as a medical device.

Step Four: Hearing Aid Check/Follow-up

After your fitting, you will be able to try the hearing aids for 40 days.  After you have worn the hearing aids for about 3-4 weeks, you will see your audiologist. They will review the fit, comfort and sound quality of the hearing aids.  They can answer any questions about the hearing aids and can provide you with advise and ways on how to best use your hearing aids.

**During the 40 day trial period, you may return the hearing aids for exchange or credit if the hearing aids do not seem to be helping your hearing. There is no cost to exchange the hearing aids, but if you return them, the hearing aid deposit is non-refundable.

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