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Health and Ability

Health and Ability

Illness or Injury Requiring Absence from Work

Health & Ability Services offers a confidential program designed to support staff that are disabled from work due to illness or injury. When a staff person is absent from work due to illness or injury for 3 shifts or greater, they are required to submit medical documentation, in addition to notifying their department / manager as outlined by department protocol. In situations where there has been a pattern of shorter absences, the staff person may also be specifically requested to submit medical documentation.

The Medical Certificate of Disability is required to provide proof of disability and required for determination of eligibility of short term disability benefits:

Work Accommodation

Work accommodation is available to encourage and support injured/ill employee’s in achieving an early and safe return to work, minimize the negative effects that can result from prolonged absence from work and reinforce that recovery is often most effective while at work. Work accommodation refers to job modifications (including but not limited to reduced hours, reduced productivity requirements, and/or the provision of assistive devices).  If you are off work due to illness/injury and work accommodation may be appropriate, please have you healthcare provider complete the Non-Occupational Functional Abilities Form and return this to Ability Services at one of our Health, Safety and Wellness offices or by fax at 905-577-8379.

Workplace Injury

In the event of a workplace injury where medical assistance is required, a Timely Return to Work Package should be provided which includes: the WSIB Functional Abilities Form (FAF), a letter to the employee, and a letter to the health care practitioner. These packages are available through Employee Health Services or can be obtained by downloading the following forms:

Preplacement Health Assessment

The successful completion of a job related health assessment is a condition of employment and must be obtained prior to your start date with Hamilton Health Sciences.  This will require you to attend an appointment with HHS’ Employee Health Services (EHS) to ensure fitness to work.  The EHS office will contact you to schedule a mutually convenient time for your appointment.

An Employee Health Nurse conducts an assessment with all new hires to:

  • review relevant health history, including status of immunity to communicable diseases
  • conduct necessary tests to determine immune status
  • administer immunizations as needed
  • ensure the appropriate respirator (mask) is fitted to best protect the employee and;
  • provide health information as required. 

Employees should bring documentation showing their immunization status (yellow card, past/current employer or school health records, laboratory reports) to their assessment appointment:

  • Documented record (laboratory reports) of positive titres for Measles, Mumps, Rubella OR documented record of two MMR vaccines
  • History of chickenpox, documented record of 2 varicella immunizations, or documented record (laboratory report) of positive titres for varicella, or diagnosis or verification of a history of typical varicella (chickenpox) or herpes zoster (shingles) by a health care provider
  • Documented record of Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis vaccine(s)
  • Documented record of Tuberculin Skin Tests. If you have a documented positive reaction to a TB test, you must also provide a copy of a chest x-ray report.
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