Hamilton Health Sciences
Prosthetics and Orthotics

Welcome to Prosthetics and Orthotics at Hamilton Health Sciences

We assess, custom design, create and fit prosthetics and orthotics to people of all ages.

We provide

  • Prosthetic treatment for all levels of amputation
  • Orthotic treatment such as: 
    • Braces
    • Foot, ankle, knee and hip orthosis
    • Hand and arm orthosis
    • Cranial (head) orthosis
    • Cervical (neck and spine) orthosis
    • Thoracic (back and spine) orthosis
    • Custom shoe modifications or changes

We have moved to our new location at:

The Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre
325 Wellington Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

Contact us: 905-521-2607                    



Hamilton Health Sciences • Hamilton, Ontario • 905.521.2100

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