Hamilton Health Sciences
Spiritual Care

Information For Community Faith Leaders

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Main Switchboard

All sites             (905) 521-2100
Spiritual Care Administrative Assistant

Phone    Ext. 77087
Hours    8 am - 4 pm Mon-Fri

Patient Lists

Lists of in-patients, organized by faith community, are available for you at the Admitting desk.  To ensure confidentiality, these lists must be disposed of before leaving the Hospital in the Confidential Waste container. 


Parking transponders for HHS Hospital sites are available.  Please contact our Administrative Assistant at 76470 for an appointment.

To obtain an ID badge and Parking Transponder a signed letter on church letterhead stating the clergy or religious leader's name and hospital access requirements will be needed.  Identification and vehicle information will be required to complete an Identification Request form and a Parking and Identification Application Confidentiality form. 

Isolation & Infection Control

When patients are in isolation, there will be a sign at their door.  If there is an "Isolation" sign on a patient's room door, or if a unit has an "Outbreak" sign at its entrance, please ask for instructions at the nursing station to help protect the patients and yourself from spread of disease.

Click here for donwloadable material on Infection Control for Clergy and Faith Group Visitors


Hospital policy around confidentiality safeguards the patient's private information.  If you wish to share confidential information with the chaplain, please ask the patient for their permission.


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