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Adult Congenital Cardiac Clinic 

The ADULT CONGENITAL CARDIAC CLINIC at McMaster provides ongoing care and follow up of a unique population of patients born with congenital heart disease.  These patients have survived to adulthood in increasing numbers over the last 50 years.  They may have undergone surgical or other treatment at a young age, but historically have tended to be lost to follow up in the adult life due to the misconception that their conditions were “cured” in childhood.  In fact, patients with congenital heart disease require medical surveillance for a lifetime as over 50% will require a repeat operation, catheter intervention or medical treatment for other cardiac conditions during adulthood.

We are currently located at the McMaster Site of HHSC.  We are member of the CANADIAN ADULT CONGENITAL HEART (CACH) NETWORK, and are closely associated with the Toronto Congenital Cardiac Clinic for Adults at Troonto General Hospital.  Patients from the Hamilton catchment area who have been followed for man years at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children are now being referred to our clinic in increasing numbers for adult care in their own community.  The clinic is staffed by two Cardiologist with special training and expertise in the management of adults with congenital heart disease along with one other Cardiologist located at the Hamilton General Hospital who is also an expert in ADULT CONGENITAL CARDIOLOGY.  As well as full time Registered Nurse.   

We offer consultation services in the SPECIAL CARDIAC PREGNANCY CLINIC and for the HIGH Risk Pregnancy Clinic at McMaster to assess patients with all types of heart disease who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. 

Clinic Staff: MUMC (McMaster University Medical Centre)

Elaine Gordon, MD, FRCP ( C ), FRCPC
Associate Professor Medicine
Director, Adult Congenital Cardiac Clinic

Javier Ganame, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine

Constance LeBrun, RN.
Registered Nurse/Nurse Navigator
905-521-2100  ext: 76791

Vicki Allan
Medical Secretary
905-521-2100  ext: 76645

Angelique Crewson
Business Clerk
905-521-2100  ext: 73276

Clinic Location:  Boris Clinic, 4th Floor, Yellow Section (McMaster University Medical Centre)


Clinic Staff: HGH (Hamilton General Hospital)
Omid Salehian, MD, FRCP ( C ), FACC, MSc, FAHA
Associate Professor of Medicine

Karen Reid
Medical Secretary
905-521-2100  ext: 73822

Clinic Location:  4 East, Ambulatory Clinic (Hamilton General Hospital)

Hours of Operation:
MUMC ADULT CONGENITAL CARDIAC CLINIC: Mondays 1:00pm-4:00pm and Tuesdays: 9:30am-3:00pm
HGH ADULT CARDIOLOGY CLINIC: Fridays 9:00am-4:00pm

Written requests for consultation can be faxed to 905-521-5053 (MUMC) or 905-577-8249 (HGH)

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