Hamilton Health Sciences

Intake Team 

Intake Office Contact Information: 

Clinical Manager: Barb Ansley

Regional Rehabilitation Centre, 300 Wellington St. North, Hamilton, ON L8L 0A4, Level 1 North

Inpatient / Outpatient Rehabilitation

Phone Number: 905 521 2100 x 40806   

Fax number: 905 521 2359

Please note. **All Stroke and stroke related referrals should be directed to the HHS Stroke Navigator, at 905 521 211 x 46488.  The fax number for external stroke referrals is  905-575-2577.

Seniors: Centre for Healthy Aging. St Peter's Hospital.  88 Maplewood Ave. Hamilton, On

Phone Number:  Outpatient senior's 905 521 2100 x 12397    

Fax number: 905 549 7003

 The Inpatient Intake and Consultation Team: 

Consists of a Senior's Intake Coordinator and Rehabilitation Intake Coordinator and 5 Rehabilitation/Senior's Nurse Clinicians. The Intake/Consult Team receives patient referrals, triages patients to service, and manages the waitlist for all internal rehabilitation and seniors referrals.

Patients Served:  

We receive:

  • Local referrals (Hamilton Wentworth) for Musculoskeletal, Neuro Oncology and Seniors populations.
  • Regional referrals (South Central Ontario) for Spinal Cord Injury and Amputee
  • Provincial referrals (Ontario) for Acquired Brain Injury.

Services Provided for HHS Inpatients:

  • Intake coordinators receive all Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) referrals and triage patients to a nurse clinician who assesses the patient for rehab readiness or who helps the acute team manage complex  issues in acute care
  • Intake coordinators manage waitlists, monitor bed/resource availability and coordinate admissions
  • Rehabilitation Nurse Clinicians provide a comprehensive assessment in acute inpatient units at HHS to determine rehabilitation suitability and readiness. If patient is not a rehabilitation candidate they provide recommendations for appropriate next level of care. Rehabilitation Nurse Clinicians consult with a physiatrist for input on complex referrals.
  • Senior's Nurse Clinicians provide acute care unit consultation for senior's related issues and triage to inpatient geriatric rehab if required. Senior's Nurse Clinicians work together with a Geriatrician.

Internal (HHS) Referrals: A doctor's order is required to request an inpatient consultation.  

Service Provided for HHS Acquired Brain Injury Inpatients

To access information on the Acquired Brain Injury Program at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre click here

Services Provided for External Referrals:

Rehabilitation Referrals for Service at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre

Intake Coordinators receive referral information and triage to the appropriate inpatient rehab unit, community clinic or outpatient appointment. The referral is initiated by request of the patient's doctor, either from another hospital or in the community.

To download a HHS Inpatient rehabilitation referral form click here 

To download a HHS rehabilitation outpatient referral form click here

 In addition to the referral form please provide:

  • Patient demographics
  • Relevant consultation notes and diagnostics related to the referral
  • Current medication record
  • Recent lab tests including ARO status
  • Therapy (PT/OT) notes if available

Completed referral forms and accompanying information should be faxed to 905-521-2359

Referrals for Service at St Peter's Restorative Care Unit:

St Peter's Hospital is a Complex Care facility that provides inpatient restorative care, also known as slow paced rehabilitation. Click here for more

To download a referral form for inpatient long term, slow paced rehabilitation at St Peter's Hospital click here

*For clarification on the referral process to any Inpatient, Outpatient or Seniors rehab service contact 905-521-2100 x 40806.

*For clarification on the referral process to any Senior's Clinic or Outpatient service contact 905 521 2100 x 12397.


How do I know if I should refer my patient to rehabilitation services?

Your patient requires a specialized rehabilitation service and:

  • Has realistic, time limited  rehab goals
  • Is medically stable
  • Is willing and physically able to participate in an active rehab program
  • Is cognitively able to learn and demonstrates carryover learning

 How do I know when I should refer to geriatric consultation services?

You require input from a geriatric specialist to manage multiple, complex senior related issues such as

Acute confusion                                    Agitation

Delusions/ Hallucinations                     Failure to thrive

Dementia                                             Functional decline

Recurrent falls                                      Poly-pharmacy

Depression                                           Physical decline

Behavioural changes                            Cognitive changes



Hamilton Health Sciences • Hamilton, Ontario • 905.521.2100

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