ALS Clinic

McMaster University Medical Centre
1200 Main Street West
Division of Neurology 4U
Hamilton, Ontario   L8N 3Z5
Phone: (905) 521-2100

Additional Contact Information

Patient is referred to us by the family doctor or another neurologist. All relevant information is faxed by the doctor’s office to the ALS Clinic. An initial consultation is booked. Patient is seen in clinic and a review of disease history and physical exam are done. Confirmation of or diagnosis given. Patient’s needs are assessed and reviewed. Follow-up appointment is booked. Time and frequency of appointments is determined by patient’s need and prognosis.

Service Director(s):
Dr. John Turnbull


DR. JOHN TURNBULL: Neurologist & Director
Oversees the care of patients (initial assessment and follow-up consultations) and conducts ALS research. 
ext. 76365

JANE ALLAN: Clinic Coordinator
Attend patient appointments and coordinate patient care, organize clinical trials and provide educational services
ext. 76870

SHELLEY CURRY: Administrative Assistant:
Oversees new patient referrals, books patient appointments, arranges EMGs and MRIs and assists the ALS Clinic Team Staff.
ext. 76365  

DR. JOHN CUNNINGTON: Respirologist
Oversees respiratory care of patients and arranges respiratory support. Appointments arranged through the ALS clinic.

DR. BRUNO SALENA: Gastroenterologist
Oversees nutritional care of patients and arranges feeding tubes. Appointments arranged through the ALS clinic.  

Respiratory Therapist
Provide information to patients about respiratory care, techniques and equipment and arrange airway and breathing support.

MAUREEN HILLS: Social Worker
Arrange community services and financial assistance, provide counseling for patients, caregivers and their families and advocate on behalf of patients and their families.

PATRICIA ILLMAN: Wheelchair and Occupational Therapist

AAC Team
The AAC team is available to answer questions and talk to you about augmentative and alternative communication strategies (AAC).  If you do not live in the Hamilton region, they can help you register with an expanded level ADP-designated communication centre in your home region. 
Kim Carey, Occupational Therapist ext.  74432
James Leslie, Rehabilitation Technologist ext. 77025,