Board Of Directors 

Message from Norm Col,
Board Chair of Hamilton Health Sciences

As chair of the Hamilton Health Sciences Board of Directors, I’m struck by the gravity of this responsibility. Along with my fellow board members, we are privileged to represent the other members of our communities in our role as volunteer board members. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

There is a lot of talk about transformation in healthcare. Our challenge, in partnership with the hospital’s leadership is to make this a reality at HHS. Every single board member invests many personal hours into better understanding the issues and challenges facing HHS, so that we can make governance decisions which will contribute to creating an organization that can deliver on its vision of Best Care for All.

At the same time, we are proud ambassadors for HHS and continually leverage our relationships with other health, community and business partners to promote and advance HHS’ strategic goals.

And, like you, I have high expectations for our care system in the regions of Hamilton and Niagara. As one of the largest and most comprehensive health care organizations in Canada, HHS has a responsibility to lead the way in the delivery of high quality, safe and timely care.

I am proud of all that our staff and physicians have accomplished over the years through their dedication to innovation, research, sustainability and learning.

The board of directors looks forward to building on this legacy.

Thank you. 

Norm Col
Chair, HHS Board of Directors