Clinical Manager - Teri Czajka

Clinic Phone #- 905-521-2100  ext: 40918

Intake Office: 905-521-2100 ext. 40806

Level 1, South - Regional Rehabilitation Centre
300 Wellington St. North
Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 0A4

THE HYDROTHERAPY TEAM:  The team consists of 2 Occupational/Physiotherapist Assistants (OTA/PTA) who work with physiotherapists to provide a water program that meets the specific needs of the patient. 

PATIENTS SERVED:  Regional Rehabilitation Centre inpatients or outpatients with spinal cord injury or other neurological condition, stroke, amputation, musculoskeletal or acquired brain injury.

SERVICES PROVIDED: The pool is a warm water hydrotherapy pool which is 92-96 degrees Fahrenheit with a depth range from 0.9 metres to 1.4 metres deep. The pool is accessible by ramp, stairs, deck lift and ceiling lift.

YOUR FIRST VISIT:  Please check in at reception before proceeding to the pool area. On your first visit to the pool you should bring a towel, swimsuit and water shoes. You may want to bring a lock for the lockers in the change room. Please shower at home before arriving for your appointment.  Your appointment is one hour in length which includes changing time.  Your time in the water is between 30 to 45 minutes in length.


How long will my appointment take? 

One hour.

How long will I be able to attend the pool program? 

The length of service required will be determined by the physiotherapist.


Please note:

Bowel and bladder issues must be resolved or managed on a routine before the patient can participate in the pool program.

If blood pressure requires monitoring the family physician must provide a written note authorizing the program.

Patients with any open areas on their skin cannot participate in the pool program.