Amputee Rehabilitation Program 

Clinical Manager - Brad Haardeng

Clinic Phone #: 905 521 2100 ext. 40964

Intake Office: 905-521-2100 ext: 40806

Level 2, South - Regional Rehabilitation Centre
300 Wellington St. North
Hamilton, Ontario

Clinical Team: Multidisciplinary rehabilitation including physician, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, recreation, social work, pharmacy and prosthetics and orthotics.

Patients Served

The Amputee Rehabilitation Program is located at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Level 2 South.  Most patients have lower limb amputations but service is also provided for those with upper extremity amputations.  Patients with lower extremity amputations are serviced as both inpatients and as outpatients based on the level of nursing care required.

Services Provided  

Focus of rehabilitation is on:

  • achieving ambulation with a prosthesis or improving transfers with a prosthesis
  • practicing functional ambulation activities e.g.. stairs, curbs, ramps
  • practicing functional activities of daily living e.g. transfers, self-care, reaching, carrying
  • identifying and prescribing necessary equipment for discharge
  • learning management of life with a prosthesis - includes coping, knowledge of prosthesis, nutrition and good health practices
  • learning about leisure activities and community reintegration
  • regular education classes with ongoing individual  education as required
  • length of stay is typically 4-6 weeks

Admission Criteria

  • Assessment in the Amputee Clinic to determine readiness to participate in the program i.e. wound healing, medical stability, physical status
  • Patient goals include desire and motivation to use a prosthesis
  • Patient has attainable functional goals related to mobility and transfers with the aid of a prosthetic device
  • Discharge destination is identified

Referral Process

HHS inpatient referrals: A doctor's order is required to request an inpatient consultation.

Intake Office will triage referrals to the appropriate service. 

Referral forms and accompanying information should be faxed to Dr. Sharon Grad @ 905-577-8233.

In addition to the referral form please provide:

  • Patient demographics
  • Relevant consultation notes and diagnostics related to the referral
  • OR note
  • Current medication record
  • Recent lab tests including ARO status
  • Therapy (PT/OT) notes if available.

Once the information has been received an appointment will be booked in the Amputee Screening Clinic.

At the clinic appointment, information is provided about the rehab program and appropriate pre-rehab treatment recommendations i.e. residual limb bandaging, strengthening, wound care

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